A platform for your smart, connected apartments


Smart Home, Sweet Home.

SmartHab has the technical ability to transform any living space into a smart apartment. Our technology is fully integrated into your home and provides the highest levels of security and energy management for any building, whilst also boosting the wellbeing and social interactions of the building’s inhabitants.


Home smart home

Depending how big your apartment is, SmartHab will install around 10 or 15 connected objects, including sensors, detectors and cameras. The systems in your home (heating, lighting, doors/windows, alarm) will then become autonomous, improving security and enhancing the comfort and wellbeing of its occupants.

Integrated and all-inclusive

Discretion is the name of the game. The connected devices are incorporated into your building during construction, leaving no unsightly wires. SmartHab is up and running as soon as the occupants move in.

Add value to your property

80% of French clients have shown an interest in living in a smart home. A home automation system is, therefore, unquestionably an advantage when you are marketing your apartments. Equipping a property with SmartHab is a forward-looking way of boosting its intrinsic value.

A gateway to the smart city

Meeting the expectations of urban planners, buildings equipped by SmartHab are a real asset for the land survey of real estate developers : they communicate with todays and tomorrows smart city services.

Our solutions

SmartHab provides an end-to-end Smart Apartment integrated systems to real estate developers. Its a complete solution comprises interoperable hardware (connected objects supply and proprietary building area network gateways) and software components (middleware, Smart Home applications and resident contol mobile app). 

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