SmartHab offers the most comprehensive solution on the market, covering the installation and operation of all the connected appliances and devices in your apartments. The system relies on meshed networks with shared servers in the common areas. Software is partly housed on these networks and partly in the cloud.

The advantage of this type of architecture is savings in terms of installation and operating costs. The system guarantees that the technology can be upgraded in the future as necessary and its functionality can evolve over time.

SmartHab N

Integral smart apartment system for new buildings
SmartHab N equips new buildings with a complete network of discreetly connected devices, fully integrated into each apartment. Residents reap the benefits of a wide range of features, bringing them added convenience and total peace of mind a day to day basis:

  • Security and issue management
  • Environmental wellbeing
  • Heating and energy savings
  • Devices control
  • Guarantee and customer service
  • Improvements to social interaction in the building

SmartHab R

A simplified smart apartment system suited to refurbished apartment buildings
The SmartHab R system is an economic solution for equipping the homes in an apartment building during a refurbishment programme and provides all the essential features:

    • Security and issue management
    • Heating and energy savings
    • Heating and energy management
    • Guarantees and customer service


Connected devices

The connected devices in your smart apartments are sourced, purchased, installed and set up by SmartHab. All devices are selected based on their reliability, robustness, design and value for money.


SmartHab deploys a decentralised information system, based on virtualised networks for individual apartments using Cloud-based solutions. Built around app resources that are both networked and local, the SmartHab platform provides optimised app performance, data security, upgradability and maintenance.

Mobile app for residents

Residents manage their SmartHab system with a dedicated mobile app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android, available for use on smartphones and tablets, and the system can be operated at home or remotely. Its interface has been designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

Service and maintenance

The SmartHab system comes with a guarantee, maintenance (hardware and software) and customer service. The SmartHab guarantee, depending on the devices, is for one or two years and users have access to phone assistance for any question and technical issue they may have. The SmartHab app is open, i.e. compatible with, any service and app used by other parties involved in the operation of the building such as building administrators.

Business processes integration

During construction, the installation of SmartHab can be smoothly and seamlessly coordinated with all the other building trades to fit into the client or project manager’s construction schedule. Services provided by SmartHab include:

  • Advice, guidance and site management
  • Commercial and technical documentation
  • Organisation of invitations to tender, installation, commissioning
  • Installation within an agreed time frame/budget and efficient after-sales service

Our Philosophy