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SmartHab transforms residential housing into Smart Apartments. Natively integrated into the building, SmartHab provides a customised experience to meet the essential residents’ needs in terms of safety, well-being and savings.

Smart Home, Green Home

Enjoy greater comfort, increased safety and more energy savings with the SmartHab residential solution.


With SmartHab, residents can control their rolling shutters, lighting, and heating at home or remotely. They choose and set the temperature room by room, with several user settings (day, night, absent).


SmartHab alerts residents of incidents in real time (smoke detected, water leak, abnormal humidity levels, etc.) and makes the apartment safer by detecting and notifying intrusions, simulating your presence, and triggering alarms.

Energy savings

When residents are away from home, SmartHab automatically reduces the temperature and turns off the lights, generating substantial energy savings (up to 30%). Through real-time energy use monitoring (and with the ability to compare it to personalised energy use targets), SmartHab provides residents with a detailed overview of their energy use, enriched with personalised advice.

An adaptable system


SmartHab supplies, installs, implements and operates a range of 18 carefully selected connected objects.


The SmartHab system is compatible with market-leading brands of connected objects and with the most widely-used wireless communication protocols (Zwave, Zigbee, WiFi, etc.)


SmartHab’s Smart Building solutions rely on our SHOT (SmartHab Object Terminal) router networks. They are the interface between the connected objects and our applications. These routers are regularly updated to improve their performance (middleware, telecommunications, services, etc.)


The buildings equipped by SmartHab are an essential component of the Smart City. The connected objects and the personal services provided to users can easily be linked to digital services provided by cities.

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